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Dr. Portia Brown Jordan


Living With An Ugly Woman

“Living with an Ugly Woman”

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Are You Struggling With Your Process When You Should Be Walking In Your Promise? Jacob, a man of trickery yet a man of promise, found himself in many ugly situations- including marriage to an ugly woman. Jacob was indeed a man of covenant but not exhibiting the proficiencies to see that covenant through. It was through a difficult process that God imparted much needed insight to this fallible man of promise. Jacob’s ugly wife bore him children who reflected Jacob but most of all Jacob’s process. We follow the process by which Jacob (the deceiver) became Israel (Prince with God) and how his people eventually fulfilled the promise God had given Abraham, Isaac and Jacob collectively. As Jacob cohabitates with his two wives, Leah and Rachel, ugliness and beauty, we watch his progression through the ugly process to a position of promise. Following Jacob to the end of his life, we find a man who learned to embrace all God had placed in his life-even the ugly. As he did Jacob, God gives us gifting, hearing, priestly anointing, intercession and praise. He gives reward and recompense for all we’ve endured and contentment in the end. After all of this, He gives increase and power through the promise. God uses people and circumstances to work in us what is necessary to prepare us to rightly use the promise He has bestowed upon us. Like Jacob, we must learn to embrace the ugly process and all it brings to our lives. We face ourselves as Jacob did and realize it is only through the pathway of the process that we take position in the promise.

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Sean Bennett


“The Heart of a Poet”

is author Sean Bennett’s first work. Sean is a recent high school graduate from New Madrid, Missouri and hopes to inspire other young authors to fulfill their dreams of writing and becoming published.




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