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Angi Payne Sutton

“Faith Amid Chaos” is author Angi Payne-Sutton’s first book and is a collection of spiritual devotion blog post born out of the daily life stresses we all face. As we walk this spiritual walk, it is imperative we pray and study the Word of God and that we connect with God’s people in order to edify each other in the love of Christ and the joy of His Salvation, thereby gaining strength to continue our often difficult journey. These Holy Spirit inspired mini-chapters easily lend themselves for use as a quick devotional tool, giving food for spiritual thought throughout a busy, sometimes chaotic day.


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Sean Bennett

“The Heart of a Poet” is author Sean Bennett’s first work. Sean is a recent high school graduate from New Madrid, Missouri and hopes to inspire other young authors to fulfill their dreams of writing and becoming published.



Cross Life Church, El Dorado, Arkansas

Daughters of Destiny Conference 2013 Promotional Materials Project

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